**Written while in Russia**

Don’t worry, I haven’t gone off and gotten engaged or married while on this trip.  It’s only been four days, I don’t work that quick!

What I love about the Russian people is that they ooze love.  You can see it in their eyes.  You can see it in the way they embrace, and the way they speak to each other.  If you haven’t guessed…I am a hopeless romantic!  I love that Russian people have not forgotten about chivalry.  What’s cool…is that the girl will slip her arm in the guys arm as if being escorted.  Love it!!!  We need to do more of that in the U.S.


Many of you have heard the stories of Gennady’s driving.

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Gennady is Driving!

Our time in Prague, Czech Republic has come to an end, but here are a few snapshots of our time there.  We are currently in the Frankfurt airport, and will arrive in Greece in a matter of a few hours.  I know that I am behind in the blog & pictures, but I was once again without internet which has put me far behind, but I promise that you will get the complete picture.

Good News!  No baggage fees from Prague to Athens.  I did have to unload most of my camera gear and give it to the others to make the weight limit, but it beats paying for the luggage.  Next stop – Athens, Greece!

Roma & Deanna

Dustin and I got to spend Sunday with Roma and Deanna in Melnik outside of Prague.  Our translator, Victoria, was never far away!  They are from the Ukraine and attend Gennady’s church in the evening while ministering in Melinik during the morning.  Please pray for this young couple as they follow God’s leading.

Sunset in Prague!


Are you wondering if you missed any posts about our time in Russia?  Well…I am!  Just kidding!  I have several posts that have yet to be published about our time in Russia, because they only exist in my journal.  They will slowly, but surely make their way from my journal to the computer screen.  Each one with its own unique spin on our travels.

I am posting these from a host family’s computer, so that is why they are missing some photos.  Stay tuned and I will fill in the gaps for you of our past ten days.  Many blessings!

We are now in the Czech Republic, and I am feeling the effects of three slips on the ice and dirty clothes.  I am ready for some clean clothes!  Yesterday, we made the long trek from Saransk to Moscow to Vienna to Prague.  It is hard to believe that in the span of one day we had our feet firmly planted in three different countries.  It’s one thing to think that our feet could touch three different states, but three different countries!  Awesome!

Michael Vanis and Tiennete Ramos made their way from Los Angeles to Prague via London yesterday as well.  Mike’s bag arrived late yesterday evening that had crucial ministry items in it.  Slava Bogu!  Each day feels like a month as their are so many people to meet with, to hear their stories, to share in their joy and pain.

We are tired, clean, and still have some laundry to do, but I am blessed to be a part of this journey.  It is hard to believe that this time next week, we will be winging our way back home.  It went by so quickly.  For now, we press on – appreciative for all of God’s wonderful blessings.


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I have been a little behind on getting photos up to the Flickr site.  I lost several days without an internet connection, which makes my role very difficult in sharing the stories and pictures of this journey.  I hope to have pictures up within the next couple of days.

For now, if you haven’t seen the first half of the Russia trip in pictorial form, check it out here.

Well…its official…we have left Russia behind and now we are in the Czech Republic.  We arrived late yesterday afternoon after leaving late from Moscow.  They shuttled us through passport control (stamp from Vienna, Austria – love it) and then through security.  The whole process took about seven minutes.

Jim was kind enough to ask our lovely flight attendant if our bags made the transfer, and she said with a smile, “Sir, the bags are usually on the plane before you are, I would not worry!”  We landed in Prague, and guess who’s bag was not on the plane.  That’s right – the kind sir’s – Jim!

We have had a good night sleep, a good breakfast of everything from bacon (partially cooked) to hard-boiled eggs, yogurt, coffee, and topping it off – Tiramsu!  Our normal dinner is their breakfast!

Today, we are headed to a refugee camp and then have a strategy meeting with the family camp team.  Please pray for these meetings as they are crucial for the summer teams.  Thank you for your prayers, they are greatly appreciated!

It’s hard to believe that our trip is half over, but it is.  We have spent the last three days in our second home – Saransk.  It’s changed quite a bit since I was here four years ago.  It was like coming home.  Seeing old friends.  Meeting new friends.

Pastor Vladimir is doing well, and New Life is as it was the day it was finished nearly four years ago.  The paint still looks the same.  The winter snow gives it that fresh new look.  The rod iron gates are still that rusty brown color that is accented by the front door trim.  It is so exciting to see what God built.  He laid it on the hearts of the people in Saransk and in the US.  The prayer for the people of Saransk is that the youth of the church and of the city would come to know the Savior.  Please pray for the hearts of the youth that they will see their need for Jesus and repent.

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